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Introduction to Vedanta

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Swami Tadatmananda’s lectures on Introduction to Vedanta are available online. Click on the link below to listen or download.


Year-Month-Day     (MP3)

2017-09-11     What is Vedanta? Freedom from suffering: moksha.
2017-09-18     Atma: Discovering the true source of happiness within.
2017-09-25     Vedanta as a pramana – a direct means for self-knowledge.
2017-10-02     Preparation for vedantic inquiry – adhikaritvam.
2017-10-09     Drik-drishya-viveka – discerning the seer (atma) and the seen (world).
2017-10-16     Unchanging consciousness – revealing the changing vrittis in your mind.
2017-10-23     Attachment and Identification
2017-10-30     Sukshma sharira – subtle body – reincarnating entity
2017-11-06     Karana sharira, reincarnation, panchakosha
2017-11-13     Panchakosha, identification, enlightened ego
2017-11-20     Three states of experience: waking, dream, sleep
2017-11-27     Freedom from suffering with help of guru and scriptures
2017-12-04     Outward-turned inquiry: brahman and the world.
2017-12-11     Levels of reality, Ishvara, and Maya.
2017-12-18     Ishvara as the material and efficient cause for the world.
2018-01-29     Ishvara & Brahman, immanent & transcendent.
2018-02-12     Summary & Mahavakya.