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Books and CD’s by Swami Tadatmananda

bhagavad gita book
Bhagavad Gita book with two audio CD’s of Swamiji’s chanting
Price: Book: $9.00  
Book with CD’s: $25.00

book on meditation
A practical guide for developing a powerful meditation practice
Price: $15.00

kena upanishad book
Translation and Commentary by Swami Dayananda
Price:  $9.00

manda baba book
A comic book for children
Price: $5.00

purusha suktam book and CD
Book with audio CD of Swamiji’s chanting for learning how to chant the hymn.
Price: $12.00

product roar of ganges
Swami Tadatmananda’s chronicle about his life in India interwoven with his teachings on Vedanta.
Price: $16.00

lotus petal CD
A collection of bhajans and stotras by Swami Tadatmananda
Price: $12.00

songs for children CD
Prayer songs for children
Price: $12.00

mantras for meditation CD
Two traditional mantras for meditation.
Price: $10.00

songs of rabindranath tagore CD
Songs of Rabindranath Tagore
Price: $12.00

naryana meditation CD
Two guided meditations
Price: $12.00

To order within the US, please make check payable to Arsha Bodha Center,
write Book & CD in the Memo, and mail to:

Arsha Bodha Center
ATTN: Book & CD Volunteer
84 Cortelyous Lane
Somerset, NJ 08873

Please add the following amount for Shipping and Handling:

Order Amount                  Shipping & Handling fee
Under $25                         $4
$25 – $50                          $6
Above $50                        12% of order total

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. We do not mail outside the US.