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Guided Meditations by Swami Tadatmananda

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Each guided meditation session has two parts: Introduction and Meditation.
Be sure to listen to the Introduction first; it contains important instruction for the associated Meditation.

The guided meditations below are arranged in categories that correspond to each chapter in “Meditation: A Journey of Exploration.” However, they do not match up with the exercises in the book.

New guided meditations are continually being added below. Be sure to check back for new ones.

Basic Techniques (Chapter 1-Building A Strong Foundation)

Inner Peace (Chapter 2-Turning Within: Finding Inner Peace)

Concentration (Chapter 3-Concentration: Focusing Your Mind)

Mantra Japa (Chapter 4-Mantra Japa)

Sakshi Bhavana/Vipassana (Chapter 5-Witnessing Your Mind)

Spiritual Growth (Chapter 6-The Psychology of Meditation)

Emotional Growth (Chapter 7-Meditation for Emotional Growth)

Devotional Meditation (Chapter 8-Devotional Meditation: Upasana)

Advanced Techniques (Chapter 9-Going Deeper: Advanced Techniques)

Other Topics (Chapter 10-Developing Your Practice)