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Mindful Awareness Meditations

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Year-Month-Day    (MP3)

2015-11-22     Being the observer of breath (i) Normal (ii) Deep
2015-12-13     Awareness of changing perspective of (i) Breath (ii) Sight
2015-12-27     (i) Breath awareness in the body (ii) Befriending pain
2016-01-03     Vipaschana & Vedanta - Watching (i) Breath (ii) Breath, body & mind
2016-01-10     (i) Breath awareness (ii) Labeling distractions
2016-01-17     (i) Normal breathing (ii) Controlled breathing
2016-03-06     Changing anchors (i) Breath (ii) Word or phrase
2016-03-20     Awareness of emotions (i) Word, phrase or mantra (ii) Guided imagery
2016-04-03     Developing compassion for (i) Self (ii) Others
2016-04-10     Acceptance & letting go using breath (i) Normal (ii) Deep
2016-10-23     Breath awareness
2016-11-20     Awareness of (i) Breath (ii) Sensation of touch
2017-02-26     (i) Acceptance (ii) Loving kindness
2017-03-26     (i) Awareness of word or mantra (ii) Guided imagery to invoke emotions
2017-04-09     (i) Awareness of digestive tract (ii) Mindful eating
2018-10-14     Awareness of breath (i) Guided (ii) Bells
2018-12-09     (i) Breath Awareness (ii) Body Scan
2019-01-13     Mindfulness of (i) Word or phrase (ii) Taste
2019-02-10     Developing Compassion (i) For self and others (ii) Guided Imagery
2019-03-10     (i) Labeling distractions (ii) Mindful listening and talking
2019-04-14     Being the unchanging observer of (i) Flow of breath (ii) Mind (Mountain Imagery)
2019-05-12     Exploring Sounds (i) Developing objectivity (ii) Observing silence
2019-07-14     Expanding the field of awareness using (i) Breath (ii) Standing & walking
2019-10-13     Letting go using (i) Pranayama (ii) Loving kindness
2019-11-10     Cultivating (i) Devotion (ii) Thankfulness
2019-12-08     (i) Breath in abdomen (ii) REAL meditation to handle emotional stress
2020-01-12     (i) Pranayama (ii) ASK meditation to handle physical pain
2020-02-09     (i) BreathAwareness (ii) Tathaastu
2020-03-08     (i) Mantra with Bell (ii) Music Appreciation
2020-04-12     (i) Coping with Covid19 (ii) Meditation for healing the world