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Uddhava Gita

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The Uddhava Gita is a small section of the Bhagavata Purana in which Sri Krishna imparts powerful Vedantic teachings to his dear friend and devotee, Uddhava.
Because the text is quite long, Swamiji has selected 9 of it’s 24 chapters for our study.

You can watch videos of Swamiji’s Uddhava Gita classes on his YouTube channel here

You can listen to or download audio recordings of these classes using the links below.
Year-Month-Day    Verses (MP3)

2023-10-14     Verse 1-4
2023-10-21     Verse 5-7
2023-10-28     Verse 8-12

Year-Month-Day    Verses (MP3)

2023-11-04     Verse 1-4
2023-11-18     Verse 5-8
2023-11-25     Verse 8-11
2023-12-02     Verse 12-16